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Black Label with Highsoft team. Vik | Sogn, Norway, 2015 Photography:

We are experts in Highcharts

We are experts in charting. We create charts using Highcharts library. Additionally, we've implemented many great charting solutions for a vast array of clients from itty bitty Bitcoin sites to mammoth multinational banks.

The story

Based in Krakow, Poland we have managed to master the fine art of remote software development, working for our vast international client base since 2006. Before we focused on building interactive charts using Highcharts, we built SaaS platforms. We were also technological partners for startups. Chartlab, a tool for forex traders, is just one of the many startups that we worked with.

In 2010 we began working for Highsoft as their primary client support team. These days, we are primarily focused on improving and servicing the interfaces enriched by Highsoft’s many charting solutions. We actively participate in building the Highcharts community by engaging in online discussions with users, creating plugins, designing themes, fixing bugs and constantly building up their various libraries.

Not only are we developers, but we are also involved in the creation of projects at the design phase as we are both engineers and consultants.

If you are looking for any help with Highcharts, you’ve come to the right place! Do not hesitate to contact us.

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